Meet Mika

Mika is German and Canadian as he was born to German Nationals in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1973. He has dual citizenship, carries a Canadian and a German passport. Mika grew up in Regina though he travelled extensively, visiting the Caribbean, the Western United States, British Columbia and Germany. During his adolescence, Mika started experiencing his first attractions for other guys, but he tried to ignore those, hoping that the whole issue would work itself out somehow.  He attended Sheldon-Williams Collegiate in Regina, winning an academic scholarship to attend Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

At Queen’s, Mika continued experiencing feelings for other men.  After a long struggle, he decided to come out to a few good friends, and to his relief, they accepted him for who he is.  While there were a few rough spots, his coming out experiences were generally positive. Mika had his first love affairs at university and slowly came to accept himself as a gay man.  He graduated from Queen’s with a B.Sc. in mathematics and computer science in 1996.

Following graduation from Queen’s, Mika moved back to Regina and worked there for a few months.  While in Regina, Mika received a job offer from the federal government as a programmer in Ottawa, Ontario.   He happily accepted the offer and moved to Ottawa in early 1997, where he continues to work for the federal government.

As Geoffrey relates, they met in an online chat room called Gay Ottawa.  They chatted for several weeks before deciding to meet in person.  They enjoyed spending time together and have been a couple ever since.