About Geoffrey & Mika

We are a very conventional gay couple living in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. We live quietly with pride in our nice home in Centretown, one of the districts in Ottawa. We met in 1998 in an online chat room called Gay Ottawa. I struck up a conversation with Mika and found we have a mutual interest in topics such as philosophy and theology. We chatted online for several weeks before I found the courage to ask him if he wanted to meet. I am twelve years older than Mika, so I thought he might not be interested in meeting because of the difference in our ages. Happily, however, he agreed and we met at a local coffee shop, Second Cup, one Sunday afternoon in August 1998. From that day on we continued seeing one another, though initially I tried my best to discourage Mika from wanting to see me. I was concerned about our age difference and did not think he really wanted a long term relationship with me. I continued dating other men, while maintaining my friendship with Mika. Over time I realized I love Mika and really wanted to be with him. Lucky for me, Mika is not easily discouraged and he was determined to be with me. So here we are twenty-three years later a happy couple who set up household together.

We are conventional in that we lead a quiet life together as a couple. We have a few close friends and acquaintances with whom we socialize occasionally, but generally we keep to ourselves. I am a librarian and Mika is a programmer. He works for the federal government. Mika loves collecting books. We have a personal library collection of more than 5,000 volumes. Mika likes collecting books on philosophy, theology, history and biographies. I always keep an eye out for books on natural history, hunting, firearms and gun dogs. Yes, I have a passion for the outdoors and hunting. I am a sportsman and naturalist. I have a pair of gun dogs, Hera and Stella, both of whom are Brittanies. I take to the field in pursuit of ruffed grouse, woodcock and Wilson’s snipe. I look forward to gunning for waterfowl when seasons permit. I also enjoy big game hunting. I take to the field with my hunting buddies in pursuit of the whitetail deer every fall. Mika spends his spare time going to book sales and I spend mine in the outdoors with my dog Hera. Raising and training a gun dog is a year round past time. While I am out with Hera in the months outside of hunting season I spend my time viewing and photographing wildlife and wildflowers. This is our story. We are a happy couple and I trust we will grow old together enjoying our life together.

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5 thoughts on “About Geoffrey & Mika

  1. Elizabeth


    Recently, I had the phrase “Keep passing the open window” bouncing around in my head. When I googled it, I came across your post. I had read the book and seen the movie in the late 80s, and I guess it hung around in my psyche too. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Another resident of the city that fun forgot.


  2. John J. Forbes

    Geoffrey and Mika-
    Hi. Just signed – up for your blog posts via e-mail. I think it’s so great that a gay couple are into the shooting sports and thus shattering another stereotype ( a la Pink Pistols Assoc. in the U.S.). I look forward to your posts as well as to future communication.
    P.S. By way of background, my wife (Paulette) are both from Nova Scotia but met in Northern Manitoba when I “went up” to teach school with Indian Affairs summer of ’89. We taught there for five years , were married there and then moved to God’s Lake, B.C., and taught there for another 18 years before having retired and returning to Nova Scotia to retire in July of 2012.
    All the best,

    1. geoffreyandmika Post author

      Hi John,

      Geoffrey here to say thank-you very much for your kind and thoughtful comment. Yes, I have a lifelong passion for hunting and the shooting sports.

      I was interested in working in Northern Canada, but was never able to land a position as a librarian, despite numerous applications.

      I am dreaming of retiring too. 🙂

      In the meantime, I will continue working and writing posts for the blog. I hope you continue to enjoy reading them.




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