Mass appeal.


A chapter of a Roman Catholic organization called Courage has turned up at the University of Toronto Newman Centre in Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish. Courage is an organization that counsels chastity for homosexual persons. While this teaching is in keeping with Church doctrine, it is entirely unreasonable and unrealistic to expect gay people to choose either a life of solitude or a relationship without intimacy. This teaching is disputed by many Roman Catholics, gay and straight. Dignity, for example, is a Roman Catholic organization with chapters across the world that works for acceptance of gay people in the Church. Here is a link to Dignity Canada:

Believe it or not, there is no shortage of gay people who are Roman Catholic, who want acceptance for who they are and their relationships. I was once such a person. You may be puzzling why I would want to belong to a Church that condemns me as disordered and expects me to practice chastity. The fact is Roman Catholicism appealed to me when I was younger. I was nominally Roman Catholic, baptized in infancy. I undertook preparation for First Communion on my initiative when I was sixteen. I wanted to believe in a creator who loves and cares for us and be part of a community of believers. In my early twenties, I was accepted as a young gay man by the Roman Catholic community at Queen’s University. I underwent a program offered by the Church called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and confirmed at the Easter Vigil held in Saint Thomas More Parish in Kingston, Ontario, in 1986.

For many years after that, I continued to attend Mass regularly, say my prayers and try to remain true to myself as a gay man and a practicing Roman Catholic. Over time, however, I became disillusioned with the Church as an institution. The sex scandals involving the clergy shook my trust. As I grew older, I began to rethink what I had believed and found I no longer believe in a creator who loves and cares for us. I no longer attend Mass regularly but appreciate there are gay people for whom practicing Roman Catholicism is an integral part of their life. On the odd occasion, I attend Mass, usually for baptisms, weddings and funerals, I do not take communion. I still have a soft spot for the Roman Catholic laity and like to discuss theology and philosophy with people who are still practicing their faith. I appreciate the support from groups like Dignity and the clergy who sympathize with gay people but can no longer, in good conscience, continue to practice Roman Catholicism. In the present, I do not subscribe to the doctrines of any religious organization and could not be happier.

Posted by Geoffrey

6 thoughts on “Mass appeal.

  1. Olegario

    Hi Geoffrey,

    I hope I can sit with you and share about gayness things that are in accordance with the Bible.
    Since you were once engaged in religion, maybe that your search for a church that will accept US gays will not wean yet.
    Just to assure you that there is an organization from the Philippines that I have known there but it is widespread now. I am now a bona fide member of which and am serving as a volunteer church worker for 14 years already. I am now in UAE. If this church have not taught me the right things about being gay ten I wouldn’t have wasted those long years in staying since I am now in my forties. I hope I can share my mission in life to be of help to those who are in need specially in the homosexual aspect.

    1. geoffreyandmika Post author

      Thank-you for commenting and it is good to know there is a church group in the Philippines that accepts gay people. Yes, you are a witness to your faith and your outreach to gay people is very good of you to do. 🙂

    1. geoffreyandmika Post author

      At the time I asked the parish priest if I could undergo preparation for Confirmation. He asked me to join a group of people who were enrolled in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, which included a young woman seeking baptism and a married couple, husband was Lutheran, wife Roman Catholic, who wanted their daughter baptized and to raise her as a Roman Catholic.

  2. deathofcatholicism

    First time reader….thanks for the post. I found it very honest and intriguing. As a member of the Catholic Church, I would love to hear more about your experience with the Church and your eventual disillusionment. Feel free to direct me to any other posts you have written, or if you feel so inclined, you can leave a response here or on my blog. If you are interested in my thoughts on anything, let me know, but either way I would love to learn more about you and your experience. God bless.


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