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Merrily rides the huntsman bold, Blithesome and gay rides he … — Brothers Grimm


“Funny, you don’t look it” is a common response when people learn I am a hunter. Aside from the fact I am gay, I am a gentle  and thinking man and people find it hard to believe that I can make the choice to hunt down and kill a game bird or animal. Yes, hunting, unlike my gayness, is an ethical choice I make. It is an ethical choice I keep to myself a great deal of the time as I find I have more venom spat at me for choosing hunting, than for being gay. I chose to conceal the truth of my gayness and my relationship with Mika from most of my hunting buddies (all of whom are heterosexual men and women from a plurality of ethnic and religious backgrounds and generally conservative) until recently, fearing I might lose them as friends and hunting buddies if they knew the truth or at the very least they would be uncomfortable knowing. Turns out they were not bothered in the least and are happy for me, that I am in a long term relationship with Mika. We remain friends and hunting buddies, taking to the field in pursuit of game, enjoying our sport. Everyone who takes up hunting has their own reasons for doing so, but as for me, I have had a lifelong passion for hunting, the outdoors and wildlife. Continue reading