Geoffrey’s hunting diary: Red-wing blackbird chicks

On my daily training runs with Hera I found a red-wing blackbird’s nest in the reeds at the edge of a pond in the spot near the Rideau River where I run her. I am keeping an eye on the nest, taking care not to disturb the birds, and in due course saw that four chicks were hatched. I used my camcorder to capture some candid footage of the mother blackbird feeding her chicks.

Video produced and published by Geoffrey

3 thoughts on “Geoffrey’s hunting diary: Red-wing blackbird chicks

    1. geoffreyandmika Post author

      Yes, there are more nests in the vicinity and last week I came across a painted turtle laying her eggs on the shore next to the pond. Pond and marsh ecosystems are my favourite as there is always so much to see readily as you come by, be it blackbirds, frogs, turtles, ducks, herons, etc.


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