The wolf is always at the door. — Don Henley


Keeping the wolf from the door is a fact of life. You never know what fortune will bring. I am reminded of this by the horror unleashed in Christchurch, New Zealand when a maniac went on a killing spree at two mosques where people gathered for prayers. The suspect in this atrocity live-streamed his attack on worshippers at the mosques as he gunned them down. The video is available online for those who want to view it. I listened to the description given by someone who saw the video, and that is more than enough for me; I will not watch the video. What came through in the description of what happened in the video is the sad reality in this horror is the people who perished were utterly defenceless. The likelihood of finding yourself caught in a terror attack at the mercy of someone intent on mayhem is remote but a possibility; just one of the vagaries of fortune.

New Zealand is a peaceful and prosperous society. I trust that New Zealanders have confidence in their police and security services to defend against the threat of terrorism. Sadly, they were unable to thwart the attack on the mosques in Christchurch. To their credit, the suspect in this crime is in custody. He will face judgement in a New Zealand court. I noticed in the aftermath of the carnage the New Zealand government declared its intention to enact a prohibition on semi-automatic firearms. This comes as a surprise–though maybe it should not. It is a knee-jerk reaction to an isolated act of terror. I expect the proponents of the ban on semi-automatic guns will justify their decision claiming “New Zealanders owe it to the memory of the victims of the terror attack in Christchurch.” In reality, banning semi-automatic guns changes nothing in that it will not bring back the dead. Neither will it stop anyone from forming the intent and carrying out a terror attack in future. The only tangible result is it only diminishes the civil liberties of New Zealanders–particularly those who choose lawful gun ownership as a pastime. Whether or not the New Zealand government follows through with the promised ban on semi-automatics remains to be seen. I hope New Zealand’s hunters, sport shooters and firearms aficionados will put up a fight to preserve their hunting and sport shooting culture.

Yes, the wolf is always at the door, as Canadian gun owners are painfully aware. Rest assured the proposed ban on semi-automatic guns in New Zealand is not lost on those who promote gun bans in Canada. The current Liberal government in Canada is pushing through a piece of legislation, Bill C-71 An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, basically, “one element in a broader plan to prohibit, restrict and penalize lawful gun owners in Canada.” (TheGunBlog) To date, Canadian gun owners are mounting a vigorous defence through organizations such as the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Will the Liberal government use the atrocity committed in Christchurch to promote passage of Bill C-71? As yet I do not see anything happening in this regard–although the temptation to make political hay from the horror unleashed in Christchurch must be present as the Liberal government moves forward with passage of Bill C-71.

In the aftermath of the tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealanders mourn for those killed.  It is sad what happened, but life goes on. The fact is Canadian gun owners, myself included, will stand up for ourselves and the right to go about our lawful business in peace in the face of the Liberal government intent on making continued existence of our sport more difficult. We are doing nothing wrong and causing no one harm in choosing hunting, sport shooting and gun collecting as pastimes. In fact, I look forward to getting to the shooting range for some target practice with rifle and shotgun with my friends and hunting buddies in anticipation of the fall hunting seasons. Moreover, I anticipate, with mounting excitement, the arrival of a new Brittany puppy later in the spring or early summer. The new puppy will be a playmate for Hera, my current Brittany, and train as a hunting dog. I look forward to taking on the challenge of training a new hunting dog.

The wolf is always at the door and you never know what fortune will bring but rather than despairing I accept I am still among the living and intend to live my life to the fullest.

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2 thoughts on “The wolf is always at the door. — Don Henley

  1. Illarion Bykov

    I saw the video at a friend’s house. Most of the victims just lay on the ground waiting to be shot, but one brave man charged at him from the side and made it close enough to touch the shooter before the shooter reacted and gunned down the man. The problem was the man who flight back was unarmed–had he had some kind of weapon, there is a good chance he could have stopped the shooter and saved many lives. There are many dpcumented cases of armed bystanders stopping such shooters.

    The news media are deliberately drawing the wrong conclusions from this. A ban on guns leaves law abiding citizens defenseless, but does not stop criminal shooters. Norway’s tough gun laws did not stop Breivik from binging guns from abroad, but they did leave his 60+ victims defenseless.


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