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As a gun owner and hunter, I am familiar with the range of attitudes toward my hobby. I have a modest collection of sporting guns, shotguns and rifles designed for use in  hunting. As I am left-handed I prefer break action shotguns and bolt-action rifles. I have two pump action shotguns in my collection and no semi-automatic firearms. I have no pistols in my collection either as these are not lawful for use in hunting in Canada. I spend time on the skeet range throughout the year to practice mounting and swinging my shotgun and go to the rifle range to make certain my deer rifle is sighted in before taking to the field. I am not really a gun enthusiast. I know enough about the guns in my collection to give them basic maintenance to see they work as they should. For more detailed maintenance I rely on my hunting buddy Jason or a professional gun smith.

Jason, my hunting buddy, knows a great deal about firearms and is an avid collector. I accompany him to the rifle range occasionally when he shoots some of the firearms in his collection. Shortly before Christmas I accompanied Jason, his wife Fran and Fran’s mother, Claire to the rifle range to have some fun shooting his semi auto Browning 1919a4 in 7.62 NATO. Just what every man wants, his mother-in-law behind a machine gun, albeit one altered so that it can no longer shoot fully auto. The range has safety rules and these are strictly enforced. The people I met at the range are nice enough, no better or worse than anyone else you will meet. They have a passion for firearms and shooting. There is no need to view them with hostility or suspicion. Jason’s mother-in-law had a great time trying out the machine gun and a semi-automatic rifle.

Posted by Geoffrey

8 thoughts on “Home on the range

  1. Robert Bishop

    I love to shoot on the range it is such a stress relief for me. Some people like yoga but I just like to shoot a .357 🙂 Very interesting gun you are shooting looks like it is high maintenance but fun. I really want to go skeet shooting I heard Georgia has skeet shooting where it is setup like a gold course.

    1. geoffreyandmika Post author

      The shotgun I am using in the photo is a Winchester double barrel shotgun in 20 gauge with 28″ barrels and choked improved cylinder and modified. I use it in hunting for ruffed grouse and woodcock. It is a break action and very easy to use and maintain. I favour this kind of shotgun as I am left-handed and autoloading and pump action shotguns are typically made for right-handed shooters.

  2. jijji131313

    Geoffery I enjoy all of your blog posts! This one I had to think about for a while. As you know I am not a gun fan, yet I am not blind to reality either and can admit that I know several responsible gun users. I would prefer never to touch a gun, but can respect those who do, especially for hunting, as I am a meat lover. I also understand the point that you are trying to convey, but I’m personally afraid of just hearing the gun shoot.

    A few years ago my husband, Wesley, took me to a gun range for the first time. I told him I would shoot once at least. It was very scary to me just standing there. Imagine, that even with ear plugs I jumped with his first shot and every shot after that. When I grabbed the gun in my hand, I just couldn’t build up to shoot it. Eventually, I went into the waiting room to watch him. I was just not fun for me, but Wesley loves it!


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